Our Name

C.R.E.A.T.E. is an acronym that was picked to describe our three main activities:

Community Resources: Since 1975 when we first opened our doors, we have remained a resource for new thinking about people’s relationships to chemicals. Our founder, Judi Gordon came to start this agency based on her experiences with clients in a mental health environment where she worked as an RN. Her role at C.R.E.A.T.E. has been to cultivate a climate where staff are expected to use many tools to address our clients needs. Her experience in mental health showed her that if (more…)

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C.R.E.A.T.E, Inc. was founded in 1975 to carry out the mission of providing a variety of services that allow individuals to make responsible decisions about the roles mood-altering chemicals play in our lives.

Philosophy: CHEMICALS are powerful things that affect us in many, different ways…we drink coffee in the morning to perk up our day, water when we are thirsty, add sugar if something needs to be sweeter. All these things are chemicals playing a role in our lives.  In present days, our culture has taken a hyper-vigilant look at what we put in our bodies. (more…)

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Minneapolis Office

Our Minneapolis address is:

2200 E. Franklin Ave., Suite 200A (second floor) Minneapolis, MN 55404

CREATE is located on the 2C Bus Line.  Bus stop is directly in front of the building on the north side.
CREATE is located on the Light Rail Blue Line exiting at the Franklin Ave. Station.  Proceed east on Franklin Ave. to 22nd Ave. (1.5 blocks)

Access from Interstate 94E:
Exit on the Riverside Exit.
Turn Right to access Franklin Ave.
Travel west on Franklin Ave. to 22nd Ave.
Building is on the NE corner of Franklin Ave. and 22nd Ave.
Parking is permitted on any streets or located in the lot west of the building between the building and the Holiday Station

***Please note:

1911 still appears on the Home Page at the bottom right before 2200.

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Apple Valley Office

Our Apple Valley office is located in Suite 240 of the Apple Valley Commons Building, which is behind the Dakota County Library and Government Building. This is near the intersection of Cedar Ave and Highway 42 (150th Street West).

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Plymouth Office

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