assessmentMost of us have problems in some part of our lives. Some of us find (or are told) that those problems are connected to our use of chemicals. If indeed that is the case, perhaps we need to consider getting assistance on how to eliminate the CHEMICAL CONNECTION.

Determining the existence of a problem is probably the most important step towards resolution. However, not all problems are at the same level of involvement.  We know a person can get one DWI and then never another.  We know a person can have a problem that resolves when other issues in life resolve. Determining that a problem doesn’t exist is equally important.

This is why our counselors do not have preconceived notions about you asking for an assessment.  We keep ourselves objective.

C.R.E.A.T.E.’s Assessment process is designed to inform us as well as you as to whether there is a chemical health issue and to what level.  We realize that most of our clients do not come here of their own free will.  It isn’t like having a sore throat and wanting us to help you take care of it.  Even though we are a clinic and do bill your medical insurance to pay for your services, you may have not made the connection to chemical health as easily as other parts of your health.  We are good at helping you understand that connection. The first thing the assessment counselor wants to know is the your view of the problem that brought you to C.R.E.A.T.E.. This is the basis for the future plans that the counselor and you will prepare for a treatment plan should that be needed. Then we ask for permission to talk to others about the you because we need to know how others see the issues you have brought to C.R.E.A.T.E. in order to coordinate any referral to care with the level of care indicated. The whole process takes about two hours of contact as it goes in depth into all areas of your life including the chemicals and their effect on health and family, social life, finances and job performances, physical, mental and emotional state, even your history with the law.

Once all data is gathered, the assessment counselor basically uses the formula PROBLEM AREA + CHEMICAL USE in that area = CHEMICAL HEALTH CONNECTIONS to be addressed. The level or amount of problem will determine what is called the LEVEL OF CARE that the counselor will recommend.  If your issues are considered to be early problem or mild in nature, we may refer you to an education program or our shortest outpatient program instead of an intensive program.  We are unique in that we can do just that because we offer various levels of care and education.

Most important, if a problem stems from areas other than chemical health, C.R.E.A.T.E. quickly recommends treatment from an expert in that area. Not all people who come to us for the assessment end up staying for treatment or education.  There may be another issue that we see as more problematic than one’s chemical health.  We use our knowledge of other types of providers to make referrals to more intensive care or to medical, legal or mental health care..

For an Assessment appointment at either our Minneapolis or Apple Valley location, call our office at 612-874-9811.