At Risk


 Quite Simply, are you AT RISK of bringing your chemical use to another level?  If that level is MODERATE Abuse or SEVERE Dependency, this program is perfect for the look at that progression that will help you avoid the need for the help that Chemical Health TREATMENT can provide.

When you have an assessment done, it must say your problems meet what is called MEDICAL NECESSITY in order for insurance to agree to pay your bill. If your assessment did not qualify you to go to treatment but your probation department ordered treatment; or if someone told you to get some help but the assessment again did not indicate you need the level of care prescribed as treatment; or if you as a parent or spouse who would like your family member to get a good overview of how his chemical use is becoming problematic, the AT RISK program is a good choice.

Many assessors and Rule 25 qualified professionals who cannot document the level of care that prescribes chemical health treatment will simply send you away.  Now you are stuck with no answers for the probation people, the judge, your lawyer or the parents.  If the assessor can make a case for an EDUCATION ALTERNATIVE such as our AT RISK program, a person can satisfy the courts and attempt to satisfy the DMV.  This would only apply to a person with just one using offense on record or an extensive and provable length of sobriety.

At RISK* is specially designed for the people who are experiencing MILD substance abuse issues.  They may have had a marginal breath alcohol content (BAC) when arrested, for example, but are abstaining when assessed. The environment the person lives in may encourage inappropriate use of chemicals which make it difficult to avoid progression to more problem use.  The person may have had treatment years ago but have either relapsed with no tool to recovery, or abstained without addressing original problem issues.

It is designed to help At RISK* users determine the level to which their lifestyle centers on chemical use and design ways to eliminate that emphasis.

The Department of Public Safety will usually accept At RISK* completion as long as the Court has ordered it and added “follow recommendations” to the sentence of the individuals diagnosed as in full remission or indicated as a ”level 1 or 2″ in the dimensions used on a Rule 25 assessment.   

Enrollment: First be certain that the DMV and the Courts will accept this referral.  Then call us at (612)874 9811 Ext 1 for information on when our next class is offered.  We do classes in our Minneapolis and Apple Valley locations.