Choice Time

NOTE: Since the use of chalk on blackboards is virtually a practice of the past, we changed the name of this offering from “Chalk Talks for the Using Driver” to

Choice Time for the Using Driver

A Using Driver Affects Everyone On The Road !!!!

*C.R.E.A.T.E. recommends that a potential participant be sure that this is the class you have been told to do. There are several other levels and names for classes that address the using driver. There will be no refunds once you have attended this class.

CTUD is an opportunity to learn the importance of making responsible decisions before the next time you decide to use mood altering chemicals.

Choice Time is designed for the first time* DWI offender, or person who could benefit from a learning experience to prevent chemical use problems related to operating a vehicle of any kind.(cars, boats, snow mobiles, ATVs, lawn mowers, scooters, motorcycles etc.)

Choice Time conducted by trained professionals, is an active learning experience in which participates are asked to participate in thinking exercises focused on the decision to drive AFTER having taken intoxicating chemicals.

Choice Time  exercises center around determining ways to stop using and driving. Each client is tested before and after the course to measure cognitive gains. Course content evaluation is done on an ongoing basis.

Issues covered in Choice Time include:

  • Minnesota drinking driver statutes, procedures, probation conditions
  • Short and long term effects of chemical use, blood alcohol calculations.
  • Present and future cost of DWI to insurance, employment, legal fees, towing impound fees, future transportation without an automobile.
    • -A court case role play where the participants act as judge and jury.
    • -Chemical Health problems warning signs
    • -Choosing a Treatment program should this program indicate a need.
    • -Creating a self-protection plan.
    • -Exercises in choosing use alternatives

Choice Time Enrollment Procedure:

Call 612-874-9811.  Classes are held in our home office on 2200 E. Franklin Ave. in Minneapolis and our Apple Valley office on Glazier Ave. near the County Govt. building each month. C.R.E.A.T.E. offers Monday evening and Saturday classes.