Our Name

C.R.E.A.T.E. is an acronym that was picked to describe our three main activities:

Community Resources: Since 1975 when we first opened our doors, we have remained a resource for new thinking about people’s relationships to chemicals. Our founder, Judi Gordon came to start this agency based on her experiences with clients in a mental health environment where she worked as an RN. Her role at C.R.E.A.T.E. has been to cultivate a climate where staff are expected to use many tools to address our clients needs. Her experience in mental health showed her that if there is any one thing that doesn’t work it is surely that of telling all people that they must go with ONE WAY to attain Chemical Health. That is why she uses the term “HEALTH” rather than “DEPENDENCY” She continues to express this view of care while participating in various policy and public discussions regarding the rules and laws related to chemical use problems. Being a resource to other agencies has put C.R.E.A.T.E. in the forefront of the changes that have come to the practice in the past 37+ years.chemical health

Education: Besides our licensed TREATMENT programs, we offer educational programs designed to give the person who has had a first indication of trouble related to chemical health some facts and tools that hopefully will eliminate the progression into further trouble. Almost 60% of people have no further trouble with chemical health if they have a change to get the education and thinking skills needed to explore that trouble.

The programs we have range from a level one class which is a 6- 8 hour class called Choice Time for the Using Driver, a level two class which is a twelve hour class called At RISK.  We also offer two classes using “Driving With Care” a classroom series of lessons using a textbook created to address the issues that are common for people who drink and drive. Driving with Care (level one and two, 12 and 24 hours in two hour spans over 6 to 12 weeks) is offered at our home office.  We also have a contract with Dakota to offer Driving with care on Tuesdays and Thursdays in either Apple Valley or West St. Paul.

Alternative Treatment: Because people are different, then the types of chemical health concerns they have are unique. Therefore we try to tailor our treatment plans and our approaches to the differences we see. Ask yourself this question; “What will help me make changes on my journey to responsible decisions about the roles chemicals play in my health?”

If you have been to other treatment agencies in your quest, you will find us to be different. We are not based in alcoholics anonymous nor do we regularly use a lecture or film to fill up the time you could be talking about your issues. There are many agencies that use AA very skillfully and we strive to be just as skillful in using our knowledge about what else can assist you in overcoming the problems you are having in relation to your chemical health.

Evaluation: We are constantly looking at what we do and asking if it is working for you. We ask you the same questions. Does this seem to be working? What do you want to do differently after you are through here, how can we help?