Thinking for a Change  ”T4C”

The National Institute of Corrections has created a series of 25 classes that teach the cognitive skills needed to take responsibility for your own life situations. 

DAKOTA COUNTY CORRECTIONS has contracted with C.R.E.A.T.E. to conduct the T4C series for their felony level clients.  All referrals to this program will be done by DAKOTA COUNTY.

There is no charge to the participants for this program.

Participants must attend 25 sessions given twice a week in order to satisfy the court.  Misses require a make-up session at the start of the following session.

What is T4C about?

Throughout the classes, the two facilitators show skills such as;

  • “paying attention to the thoughts and feelings that go on inside your head”
  • “active listening”
  • “Giving feedback”
  • “Recognizing when our thoughts lead us into trouble”
  • “Using new thinking”

These are just a part of what the series does for participants.  Each week, there is a review of the homework given and reminders of where each person is progressing.  The entire series is focused on how to recognize thoughts as ideas or words in our mind and how to recognize how these thoughts and words lead to predictable patterns of behavior.  Because the participants have been in trouble a number of times, this series is geared to the cognitive self change they will need to make to keep out of future trouble.

Anger and aggression are common behaviors of participants.  Because of this commonality, there is extensive attention given to recognizing these feelings and choosing alternative behaviors when angry.

In a nut shell, participants are cautioned to STOP AND THINK for a CHANGE in their future.