Continuing Care


C.R.E.A.T.E., Inc. also offers CONTINUING CARE which is lower intensity outpatient.

We used to call this  “aftercare” but it isn’t after the care.  The care keeps us as it is now called “CONTINUING CARE”.  

Usually, after you have been discharged from intensive care, you and your counselor discuss continuing care.

This is recommended as a segway or step-down from your intensive care to give you more time to practice the skills learned in IOP.

Continuing Care is your safety net to long term change.


SO, what about the other types of treatment practiced in our community?

C.R.E.A.T.E. is not for everyone.  We do not encourage clients who have a long history of physical dependence on mood altering chemicals to enter our services.  We do not use the 12 steps of AA as a base for what we do so, if that is the preferred basis for care, there are many good places to receive that care using the steps.  We are strictly an outpatient facility that does not offer housing, transportation or medications though we often can arrange for you to find those services if you need them.  We do not set a preconceived limit to the amount of care you need before we even see you.  The care you receive will be determined by your progress in achieving the goals you set with your counselor.


PAYMENT for Services is a part of the responsibility of each client:

All IOP and OP programs require a payment contract before starting care.  Payment can be secured through various sources::

You may qualify for the Minnesota State Consolidated Treatment Fund (Rule 24) for low income.

You may have enrolled in MN CARE through the Affordable Care act.

Self Pay: You may want to pay out of pocket or have someone who has agreed to pay for your treatment.

Credit: We accept Visa/Master Card

We regret to tell you to BE AWARE that any Education Class you enroll in is not covered by insurance and therefore you will have to pay at the first day of class yourself.