Short Term Intensive “Options”

OPTIONS” is our brief outpatient program that does have a set duration.

When an assessor sees you and just cannot say that you need intensive outpatient treatment, OPTIONS may be the right fit.  OPTIONS is a brief look at your issues with help deciding what to do about those issues and direction in assessing yourself further.

This program is designed specifically for people who have had problems or are just beginning to have trouble with chemical health decisions.

The focus of OPTIONS is called “self  assessment” of the roles that chemicals play in physical, mental, legal, financial, social and family area of our lives.  Each session deals with one or more of these areas as each person is guided through questions to consider and exercises in discovering where the problems you are having are related to your use of chemicals. 

At the conclusion of the program, each participant has a wrap-up discharge plan session with the counselor to make a contract for the future and set any other service needs up for after the sessions.